Monday, January 5, 2009

Big ol' post

So, since I have been a terrible blogger, here is a post. No picture....not saying where I am posting this from. :)
So, we got all of our shopping done for the holidays, had to work Christmas Eve until about 2, but the bonus is we got a small bonus and a catered lunch. oh la la....
Off to McPherson to see the inlaws. Had a fabulous time there. Nolan got his big, big present as promised from Grandma Kathy for sleeping in his bed from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve. It was so funny because it was a big Rubermaid box full of newspaper and of course, his presents. He got a huge Spiderman collapsible storage trunk thing, a guitar, a semi-truck with other hot wheels in it, dry erase clock/place mat and other stuff I can't even think of. What was really funny is when he open the box, he grabbed the tote out and newspaper (think 4-5 sunday newspapers) where wadded up inside and when he took it out, it dumped all over this little girl that was there. It buried her in newspaper....seriously.
Christmas morning we got up and opened gifts. It was so cute. Nolan said he favorite gift was his ipod (really an MP3 player) and he was like, "And Santa know what kind of music I like." :P He knows everything Nolan.
After gifts I made gorilla bread for breakfast. Yummy!! We don't EVER go anywhere, so we stayed home in our jammies and played with our new toys. We all napped and just enjoyed the day doing whatever we wanted.
The rest of our time off has consisted of pretty much not doing anything. I really am starting to believe that my family we be better off living in another state because our allergies are making us sick constantly....I only would move after James and I find a different job. My first theory is that our work's (aircraft manufacturing) quality of air is making us ill all the time. Honestly, I cannot remember being more sick than I have been since I started working here. I do have worse allergies since moving to Kansas, but never this SICK since working here. I'm starting to see a corralation!!!! :0
It's back to work today. We did work 1 1/2 days last week, but that was for inventory and since it wasn't much, I still say we had 10 days off. I was spoiled at took a nap almost everyday and it is really hard to get through the day today. I need a Siesta!
I took Nolan to school today and walked in to find a new assistant teacher. I wasn't even told that his other teacher would be moving to a different classroom and it has been in the works for sometime. One thing I am greatful for and that is he still has Tiff as his teacher. She is the ONLY reason why he is there. It worries me when I don't know people. I'm leaving my child with you, I should know who you are.
Maybe this post wasn't as long as I thought it would be, but when you don't blog daily you forget what all happens. That reminds me. I haven't finished my December Daily album that Ali Edwards was doing on her blog. I have to print out some more pictures. You would think I would have done that in the 10 days I was off. Nope. To lazy to do it.
Only a couple minutes left, so I'm out. Maybe I can muster up some energy and add some pictures.

I want to let my friend Misty know that I am thinking of her family. My postitive thoughts are with you. It was also awesome to "hear" how well Evan is doing. Yeah Evan!!

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Paul, Misty, and Evan said...

Hey, that was a big ol' post! Thanks for thinking of us. Joel is pretty down right now. Any hospital stay like that will do that, but it's also embarrassing and he doesn't want his friends to know exactly what's going on, so he's kept some of it from them.

I bet Christmas is so much fun with a small child instead of a toddler. I can't wait. I wish we lived close to each other...we could scrapbook together! I love scrapbooking...I got into it in the NICU when they had weekly sessions for the moms/dads that were there.
Also, I didn't know you weren't at Walmart anymore! It sounds like you like your job but I hope it stops making you sick.
Well, this was a big ol' comment to go along with your big ol' post!