Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hey everybody!!!!!! How is everyone. We are hangin' in there over here. Well, it is official, James and I are now part of the unemployment community. Don't panic. We still have a job, but they cut our hours to 32, but we will be receiving unemployment for the other 8 hours. Hey, we are getting a 3 day weekend. Fridays off!!!!!!! So, Nolan "HAS" to attend school on Fridays, so it will be some reconnecting time for us. :)
Hmmm, what else is going on? Nolan is learning about his body at school. He is learning the skull, ribs, humerous, femur and phalanges. In addition to the he will learn the brain, heart and stomach. They traced their bodies on Monday, and then on each day they get to draw what the part of the body they are learning on their outlined bodies. Did that make sense? He is doing really well....such a cool project and I'm sure it will be something that I hang-up here at the house.
Well, just wanted to give a quick hello. Gonna go stalk some blogs now!

Oh, one last thing. Here is a picture from the dog session I had a 2 weekends ago. This is Brailey.

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