Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So, I haven't posted any pictures in my last couple of posts. I thought you wouldn't mind "seeing" what we have been up to.
Nolan has really been playing with his blocks lately. He isn't necessarily building anything in particular, but sometimes he stacks his car inside them like a garage, or sometimes he builds a really long train.

Nolan loves to draw. I can't tell you how much we have spend on notebooks alone this year. I am tellin' ya that when it is back-to-school season and notebooks go on sale for 5cents a piece, we will be buying a case. Any who, Nolan and I have been drawing tattoos on each other lately. It was really cute the other day because I drew a heart with the word Mom inside. Wish I would have gotten a picture.

On the same day, Nolan decided that the pantry would be his new house. He took some of his stuff and made it his own. He woke up the next morning and was like, "Hey, who moved my stuff." His dust pan fell over. Jeez.....

Nolan and I stayed home sick yesterday. We were both coughing something terrible. Since the kid just won't sit still, we made this fun heart art thing (specific huh?) and hung it from our bar light. He made more of his own Valentines and cut out some underware (probably by accident) and felt the urge to hang those up as well. One thing about Nolan is he LOVES tape. OMG. I cannot keep it in the house.

Since on Thursday they are making friendship cookies at school, I mixed up some egg-free sugar cookie dough (the best dough by the way....even compared to ones with eggs) and we made what he didn't need to have here at home. James LOVES sugar cookies!!

So, here is the funny/scary part. He he....So, I'm rolling out the dough and Nolan makes a cookie into a ball. He then puts it in a scale/cup thingie and puts it in the microwave for 16 secs. We allow him to cook as long as we are supervising. Well, I just took some cookies out of the oven when he likes, "Look Mommy, there's smoke." I checked the oven thinking that is where it was coming from. I buzzed around the house turning on the ceiling fans and opening windows. There was a lot of smoke! I told Nolan to go outside. I was like, what the heck. I opened the microwave and a huge cloud of smoke came out. Here I'm thinking this doesn't make sense because he put it in there for 16 secs. Well, I guess the cup wasn't microwave safe and the ball of cookie dough looked like a burnt turd. ha ha ha......
Let me just say, "Thank goodness I got my grape candle today." That is the best smelling candle ever and my house totally needed it!!!!!!!!


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