Sunday, February 8, 2009

I need a longer weekend.........

So, I had all these great ideas to do this weekend, much of which involved working on my new website. Well, I did work on it, but not as much as I had hoped.

Friday night was the usual. I didn't stay up to late because it was such a long day. It was just personally stressful.

Saturday I had plans to really get some serious work done. Nolan's friend Jarren came over and I was super excited because then he would be leaving me alone! Okay, I know that sounds bad, but seriously, I can't even sit down to do anything without him up my you-know-what.....So, my friend Katrina calls and asks if we all want to play at the park. Well, she wound up coming over here with E and all the kids played together. I really didn't get anything done because it is kinda rude to be sitting at a computer while your friend is there. KWIM????
She stayed at ate dinner with us and by the time she left, there wasn't much left in me to really get into a flow to work on stuff.
I did however go through some more of my Dad's papers and found all of his military orders, my sister's birth certificates along with his first Wife's. It's pretty cool to see where my Dad had been and when along with all of his military accomplishments.

Today my Mom came over and I made it perfectly clear that I had work that needed to be done. Well, I woke at 7 am with a massive migraine. This is the second one I have had this week. The kind that when you move your head it is just a sharp pain......So I took 4 Tylenol's fed Nolan some breakfast, tried to stay up for 2 hours and finally decided to go back to bed. James was nice and got up with Nolan so I could try to sleep it off.
I did work on the website some more. It is sooo not what I have in mind and I realize it is just going to take time. This (and continued work to improve it) will work just fine for now. I am just starting and it's not like I have a ton of money to be buying a flash website. They really are not that expensive, but I do want like a $360 lens to add to my minimal arsenal before anything. Most lens (that pros use) are well over $1000.00, but this is why I'm affordable. I don't quite need L glass yet and unless I'm doing something super important, like a wedding, then I think most people will find my lens just fine.

Okay, so before working on the website today, our power was out for 3 hours. We went and picked-up my Mom and when we got back home I decided I really needed to get Nolan's valentines done for his classroom party of Friday. I really don't have time during the week, so with no power, it seemed like the perfect time. Here is what I made:

Does this not scream Nolan to you? It is so cute and only took about 2 hours to make 23 of them. Nolan stole one of the boxes of candy to make me a "book," so I guess he won't be getting one. I used Hershey kisses instead of peanut butter cups. Oh, I got the idea from here.

Hope everyone has a great week. I still need to make James' Valentines gift, make my business card holders and get some ideas going for my two photo sessions this weekend. Eekk.... so awesome to have some business!!!!!!!!!

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