Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bad, bad, blogger

So, I really have been a bad blogger. I wish I could use the excuse that I have been terribly busy, but I have had time.
I officially started my photography business: Kim City Photography. My website is live, but has very little on it. There is a ton to do with a website and it is very time consuming. I find it difficult to get anything done because Nolan is usually hanging on my arm.
I had a photo session with my great friend Caitlin today. I love being around her. She is so fun and just makes you feel good. We spend about 2 hours doing different photos around Wichita. Some are in formal wear....mixed in with a little urban, and a lot of punk/urban shots. I even got a cute Mary-Tyler more type shot that I just love! I am still editing, but I am hoping to have some up on my website this weekend.
Just a little bragging rights on Nolan. So, just to remind you he turned 4 in October. He knows all of the months of the year, everyday of the week, his alphabet (both saying, recognizing and sounds) and can count to who knows how high!
He is quite the artist in both music and drawing. At school they are watching him develop my making 3-dimensional art instead of flat art. He seems to be the only one who is doing this. It makes my Mommy heart burst! We have always encouraged him with anything he wants to pursue, so I am glad to see his creative side flourishing.
Since it has been so long since I have blogged, I have forgotten everything that I wanted to tell you. I am hoping I will be more diligent as I am trying to wake earlier and enjoy some of the peace that the morning offers. I seem to be most creative early in the morning between the hours of 2 and 6. Weird because I am usually asleep during those hours!

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