Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Help me build my business!

So, some of you may know that I am an inspiring photographer. I really do not like my job and it has been my dream to photograph full time. My focus is glamour photography (making every women look beautiful in their own skin,) but I have done senior, wedding, just becuase and of course portrait photography. Oh yeah....landscape to, but most people don't want that.
I am asking that if you read my blog to spread the word. Since I am just starting my business and would like to build my clientele, I am offering an awesome deal. Are you ready?

Any photography session (minus weddings)
1 hour- $25.00
Then you pay for the cost of your prints. Let me tell you, I use a high quality lab and the prices are pretty comparable to a Walgreens, Wal-Mart photo processing center. Seriously, 4x6's are under $1. I'm not going to make you have 2 5x7's of one pose, or any of that stuff. You only pay for what you want.
Michele- awesome deal for your son this year!!

Please, please, please....pass the word around. If you live far away, I will charge a little more, but not much. I really need the experience and word-of-mouth.

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