Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Yesterday scared the crap out of me. I called home on my break like usual to check on Nolan. My mom answers the phone and I can hear Poison Control or 911 on the phone talking to her. The dispatcher was saying she needed to call their on-call doctor and we might have to take him to the hospital. I tell my boss I have to leave and then I go tell James to follow me and don't ask any questions.
We get home and I talk with Poison control. Nolan had eaten Icy Hot, which I guess contains a lot of aspirin. A teaspoon is toxic to a 3 year old. We have no idea how much he ate, so James and I made the decision to watch him for the signs that the dispatcher told me.
I called my awesome boss, and she told me I could stay home with him the rest of the day. We took a nap together and everything turned out fine, but it is a very scary situation.
Today I did the usual. I went to work and it seemed to go by so slow. I don't know why, but days definitely have not flown by for me there.
James decided to go the the doctor today after playing football on Sunday. He hasn't been able to walk very well since and is a lot of pain. Hopeful he doesn't have any serious injuries. I am waiting for him to get home now. I will probably have to cook dinner. Dinner is definitely his thing. I don't remember if I have ever cooked pork chops. He told me how, but I don't know how they will turn out.
Well, I am off to do my supermom duties.

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