Friday, February 8, 2008

It's done!

James' vasectomy went well today. It was awesome that I got to watch. It had to take a zanex about an hour before the surgery and he was flying high. It was to funny. Our family doctor called him a pussy. How funny. I told the doctor to give him a prostate exam while he was at it, but dangit, he didn't.
The children have been fighting like crazy lately. Elayna has learned how to put Nolan in a headlock and is totally doing it everyday. She's not going to take his crap any more. he he he
Not much happened today. I took James for his surgery, took a much needed nap, helped Katrina make dinner and now I am going to spend a few minutes with my husband. He is finally awake after sleeping all day.
Tomorrow I told Nolan that just me and him would go to the zoo. It looks like it is going to be a beautiful day. He has been wanting to go see the penguins for awhile and why not tomorrow. Katrina has some errands to do, so she will be taking E and James can just lay back and chill most of the day.
I was hoping to get some scrapping in today/tonight but that didn't happen. I chose a nap. So glad that I did. Tomorrow I might be able to. So jealous of everyone at Crop-a-ganza.
Well folks, I'm off to go see my husband.
P.S. If you get a chance, Katrina and I are so loving Cashmere Mafia. We like it better than Lipstick jungle, but Lipstick Jungle has one hot guy in it. Check it out. Cashmere Mafia is on Wednesday and Lipstick Jungle is on Thursdays!

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