Thursday, February 7, 2008

It's just one of those days.....

I got up and did the whole work thing. Ugh....I would give most anything to stay home with my son.
Nolan has been such a pita lately. Today he threw a fit when we were leaving McD's. He's is big trouble. He is getting a bath and going right to bed tonight. As I speak he is getting his meds and a drink so he can go to bed.
There isn't much going on this weekend. James is having his vasectomy tomorrow and I may go watch the KU vs. Baylor game at Old Chicago on Saturday with a couple of friends from work.

Here's a picture of the two little stinkers together. They were separated for 2 1/2 months and you wouldn't even know it two days later. They so fight like brother and sister. I feel really bad for both of them because Nolan lost his fluffy and his own room. He has to share it with Katrina and Elayna now. Elayna has to live in two homes every 4 weeks, so I know it is totally confusing for her.
Well, I'm off to put the Nolanator to bed. Enjoy your evening.

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