Wednesday, September 17, 2008

If anyone else has noticed, allergies are high right now. What does that mean for us? Well, Nolan is extremely allergic to Ragweed and Mold. The second most frightening experience I have ever had happened at 3:30 Wednesday morning. I woke (in an ambien haze) to the sounds of a barking seal that is choking on fish. I could hear it getting louder and louder. I jumped out of bead with the most throbbing beating heart I have felt since finding my child with blue lips in his crib. I woke James and immediately had him getting the neubulizer. Nolan was having one of the worst asthma attacks I have ever experienced. We gave him two treatments in two hours. He still wasn't clear. In the midst of this he is vomitting (from all the musus) and James is freaking out. I'm trying to keep it together and do what I have been told. After the second treatment we (Nolan and I)fall asleep in each others arms.
I woke up at 9:00 to bright sunlight wondering why I wasn't woken for work. My husband called in for me (we work at the same place) because he didn't want to wake me. I love him so. I took Nolan to the dr. and he is on steroids (in his nebulizer) once a day for 2 months. Basically until the end of the allergy season.
The poor kid hasn't eaten anthing in days. When he does try, up it comes. I don't think it bothers him to much since he really doesn't eat anyways.
I pulled on my "suck it up Mommy pants" and took him to school today. I trust his teacher (who is a good friend) to do what I tell her to. She was like, "Kim, we'll call you if anything happens." I felt so bad taking him, but he is going to be like this for awhile. We just have to work on it.
I'm not trying to be down or a negative Nancy, just relieved the stress is over. I am looking forward to the nice weather and getting some more outside time.
Ohhh.....Scrap Pink is coming up next weekend. I am supa excited. I'm taking a friend who has never been to the "Attic." I'm going to try and bring her up to the times.
Oh, I got ahead of myself. My friend Caitlin is coming from Lawrence tomorrow and is going to be here all weekend. We are going to get some scrapping done. I'm excited. She always helps me tap into my creative juices and inspires me so much.
I'm out for the night! Gotta get everything done....


Michielle said...

I am sooo sorry that Nolan had such an attack!! They are so very scary!! I had the experience of dealing with the 'barking seal' thing most all of Preston's's an awful thing to go through, and your always second guessing yourself. You did right by taking him to the doctor and maybe as he gets older his symptoms will not be so severe!!! We can only pray!! I'm thinking of you guys!!! You're a good Mom...remember that!!!

Paul, Misty, and Evan said...

I hope Nolan has recovered by now from his attack! How scary...we're dealing right now with a little allergy/cold stuff with Evan. He seems to be getting better though. Nolan looks so big! He's growing up fast!
Thanks for keeping up with us...I'll add you to the list of blogs I follow. That makes two...