Sunday, September 14, 2008

Just a quick little update. James and I spend time doing laundry and cleaning the house. We chose to do some grocery shopping later in the evening. It wasn't so bad, but it reminds me of how much we hate Wal-Mart.
Today Nolan played with the neighbor's little girl. They are getting so close, but she is moving any day now. He will truely be heart broken.

Nolan and I made some caramel apples today. They turned out ok. After he left me for Kaylynn, I decided to paint my front door. It really needed a new coat of paint.
I went to ACE to get new hinges for the gate and boy has that turned into a mess. James started about 3:45 and ended around 8ish.....still wasn't 100%. Sometimes things just make everything hard. We are not do it your self type of people I guess.
Well, I'm off to bed. Enjoy your evening. I would have a card to share, but I already gave the best wishes card to her tomorrow. They are inducing her on Monday.....kinda a long story. Have them in your positive thoughts Monday and Tuesday that all goes well.

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